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Here are some great Bible teachings to encourage you. These are from portions of the book of Deuteronomy. Start your day with an encouraging teaching or use these for your Bible studies. There are more teachings under Understanding the Bible and other links on our website. God bless you and keep you.

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#44 Devarim Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22


God has not changed. We have been called to be a people of understanding who don't live in darkness. Live and learn God's word and its truths. Live for God's kingdom and set your heart on making God more important than anything else. Be close to God, be separate from the evil of this world and do what is right and good. In this portion, Israel was told to go and take the land of Canaan. Perhaps this is a picture of what we are to do spiritually; we need to stand up bravely for the truth. God's word is truth because it was given by an all-knowing God. If we don’t listen to God, we are not believing in Him and respecting Him. We need God’s truths in the Bible and His Holy Spirit. We need to stay connected to God. God can be part of everything in life and can work powerfully in our lives. Be a deliberately strong focused person in relationship with God; be a holy, good, and fruitful person of light.

#44 Devarim (Video)

#45 VaEtchanan Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11


In this portion, Moshe tells the people over and over that they are to keep God's commandments. They will give them wisdom and understanding. The Haftarah tells us that God's word endures forever and if we follow God's word and His commands, we will endure forever in an amazing future kingdom that is unimaginable. Rise up spiritually and forge ahead and be disciplined. Our main goal in life is not just to collect things and money, but to live for our King. We are to fight spiritually and resist doing evil. We are to be God's holy anointed people who do what is right and good and are available to be used for God's kingdom purposes.



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