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Old hebrew bible book with pointer

Proof - Yeshua (Jesus) was Born in the Line of David!

March 5, 2020

In this copy from a Hebrew manuscript we can clearly see: “Yosef avi Miryam.” Namely, Joseph the father of Miryam. As we know, Matthew was originally written in Hebrew and that would account for the mistake in the Greek manuscripts. Translators then translated the mistake into all the versions of the Bible (KJV, NKJV, NIV, …).

Star of David

The Hebrew New Testament Scriptures 6/20/2018

July 25, 2025

The fact that the Hebrew texts of the Bible are available to help us understand the Bible better can no longer be denied. Scholars have authenticated these texts and are now examining and using them to help us understand the scriptures.

Carrying Torah Scrolls

The Hebrew New Testament Scriptures Revealed - April 2018

July 25, 2025

These are my notes about the New Testament book of the Bible in Hebrew. I was excited about all the writings of the New Testament portion that have been found in Hebrew. Relive the moment and enjoy my comments.

Synagogue 1
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