• Moshe Schwab

What is Teshuvah

Teshuvah can be defined as turning around. turning around and seeking God and asking Him to turn His face and favor toward us. It is a continuing and ongoing process of spiritual growth.

Some points about Teshuvah:

1) Although teshuvah sounds mystical, it is an intentional and mindful process.

2) Teshuvah differs for everyone because we are all different.

3) Some have just begun their journey, yet we all must start our journey wherever we are at.

4) Our inner self sees our need for this turning in very different levels of intensity.

5) Beginning the process and continuing this process throughout our lives is important for our continued spiritual growth.

6) We are in a process of returning to our true selves that God created; to the true G-d who desires connection and a relationship with us.

7) We are making a change in how we live and think.

8) We are changing from being a person of the world to a new citizenship; to joining those who want to be God’s people; to being true children of God.

9) Our lives are turned upside down with a new culture and different view of life and how we are to relate with others.

10) Everything we do then comes out of our new life and we struggle to leave what is worldly and summon strength to move forward to “rebirth;” to being a new person.

11) We die to the old self and become new in Messiah through our faith in Yeshua, the work of the Holy Spirit, and our own desire to follow Yeshua and keep His commands.

12) We seek to live the kingdom life under the authority of the King and we have put off rebellion towards our King.

13) The goal of our lives is to fully live like the Messiah in relationship with God.

14) Each of us though teshuvah and the Holy Spirit makes for a better life and a better world.


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